New Gorgeous Cardinal Custom "Vinyl Wrapped" Table Tops USA made

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  • New Gorgeous Cardinal Custom  "Vinyl Wrapped" Table Tops USA made
  • New Gorgeous Cardinal Custom  "Vinyl Wrapped" Table Tops USA made
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Custom High-Quality Commercial Highly Durable Furniture Manufacturer Direct

We also offer custom barstools, chairs, and tables

Standard Dimensions:

Material: Vinyl
Edge: T-Mold
Thickness: 1-1/4″
Sizes: Many

Vinyl Options: White
T-Mold Options: White

Additional Custom Options: Please Call 8129982090

Price Chart:


Type Size Edge Product Code Price
Rectangle 24" x 24" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW71251 49
Rectangle 24" x 30" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW71252 57
Rectangle 24" x 36" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW71253 69
Rectangle 24" x 48" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW71254 83
Rectangle 24" x 60" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW71255 104
Rectangle 24" x 66" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW71256 114
Rectangle 27" x 24" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW71257 54
Rectangle 27" x 30" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW71258 61
Rectangle 27" x 36" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW71259 73
Rectangle 27" x 48" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712510 86
Rectangle 27" x 60" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712511 107
Rectangle 27" x 66" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712512 117
Rectangle 30" x 24" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712513 57
Rectangle 30" x 30" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712514 64
Rectangle 30" x 36" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712515 77
Rectangle 30" x 48" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712516 93
Rectangle 30" x 60" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712517 116
Rectangle 30" x 66" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712518 130
Rectangle 30" x 72" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712519 144
Rectangle 32" x 32" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712520 77
Rectangle 32" x 36" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712521 80
Rectangle 32" x 48" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712522 111
Rectangle 32" x 60" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712523 139
Rectangle 32" x 66" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712524 139
Rectangle 32" x 72" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712525 156
Rectangle 36" x 36" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712526 83
Rectangle 36" x 48" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712527 114
Rectangle 36" x 60" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712528 142
Rectangle 36" x 66" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712529 162
Rectangle 36" x 72" T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712530 179
Round 24" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712531 49
Round 27" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712532 56
Round 30" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712533 64
Round 33" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712534 74
Round 36" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712535 83
Round 39" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712536 96
Round 42" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712537 106
Round 45" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712538 123
Round 48" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712539 139
Round 51" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712540 157
Round 54" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712541 176
Round 57" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712542 200
Round 60" dia. T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712543 224
Round 36"x36" Flip 51" Rd T-Mold Edge CSS.UB.VW712544 486


Vinyl Wrap Tops are mainly used in fine dining restaurants that use tablecloths over their tables. The vinyl tops have a cloth material underneath the vinyl that deadens the sound of silverware and glasses when they are picked up and set down.

Other sizes are available, Shipping will be determined once we have complete order and pickup price is also available. Pickup is in Jasper, In area.  Other sizes are available, Shipping will be determined once we have complete order and pickup price is also available. Pickup is in Jasper, In area. 

Many Wood Stains, Laminates and Upholstery Options!

Additional Custom Options: 

Please Call 812 998 2090, or send us your specific needs to us at

Give us your location, colors, seating details, and again we can prepare a custom quote for you.

Whether you need only new dining Booths or a new dining package we want to earn your business. Send us detailed information about your dining room layout, counts of chairs/booths/tables/barstools. Send us in this email your time frame, physical location for shipping, or if pickup is an option.

Our shipping is reasonable! 

Supporting small businesses has been our focus for many years, and we think you will find buying American-made just got a little easier! Gorgeous work from a local manufacturer and many large chains have used them for years. 4 - 6 week time needs to be allowed for production time plus shipping and pickup in Huntingburg, In the area is also an option. 

The secret we hold is craftsmanship in our German settled community, pride and hard work have held our community together for 100+ years.

Free shipping not included to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, or Canada - Please contact us for freight costs or forwarding service.

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