Clients we sell for speak out with the following comments,

“As you can imagine, moving into a new headquarters requires a facility manager to wear many hats to get the job done right. In my case, one of those hats was to find buyers for our obsolete workstations. It was nice to be able to partner with the Cardinal professionals to find parties interested in buying them. Relying on Cardinal for this allowed me to focus on other important tasks to ensure our HQ was ready to be moved into at the planned date. Cardinal Selling Services met our deadline; they responded quickly; and were flexible to meet our needs. Best of all, they enabled us to generate a profit from our unused workstations.”

Chris Whann Kimball Electronics

“Cardinal did a fantastic job for me selling the many different components from my bowling alley. The selling process was very thorough and professional. Cardinal sold 80% of the items we had in 70 days and we received 60% more than we expected to get selling it on our own.”

Jerry Jernigan of Canton, IL

"Cardinal assists us with their services in many of our departments at Jasper Engines, we are constantly finding more departments to use their services."

Jerry Schuck, Jasper Engines & Transmissions

"We would like to thank Cardinal Selling Services for helping us close out our Atlanta business. We sold the property and disposed of part of the inventory of "House of 10,000 Picture Frames". We then moved to Owensboro< KY bringing the balance of the inventory with us and having no idea how to dispose of it. Luckily We heard about Cardinal Selling Services and they have done an excellent job of selling the remainder of the inventory which included equipment, frames, prints etc. We are very pleased with the results."

Charles Gunter and Donna Clouse

"Cardinal sold my Pantera in lightening speed, for a price I was not aware I could get."

Scott Carson, Huntingburg, IN

"Cardinal sold 8 older Cummins Diesel engines for us, we were about to scrap them. They sold for $34k and shipped to Cambodia! Cardinal took care of it all. It was found money to our company!"

Steve Shearn, Mulzer Crushed Stone.

"Cardinal worked with us to liquidate an entire collection of classic cars, it took about 4 Months and the return was reasonable and best of all I only had to collect the checks.”

Larry Hemb - Loogootee, IN

“Cardinal was our go To for a Call center setup we needed done in a short amount of time. They assisted our maintenance crew with setting Up the first unit and start to finish we had 22 cubicles installed in under 3 weeks time.”

Jackson T/Owensboro KY