Client FAQ

How can I use your service if I’m outside of your area?

We are willing to discuss the opportunity of working with you. Call us and let us guide you through our process for clients outside of our area. With vehicles we generally require a mechanics statement to verify the condition of older cars and especially classics.

Why would I hire someone to sell my assets?

Our company will get the best selling price in the shortest time frame and also take care of all sales calls, photography, listing specifications, and even the shipping! We also guarantee smooth transactions with no risk of scam or fraud.

What are the fees involved with selling a vehicle?

Listing fees start at $35, and commissions start at $200. Both fees vary depending on which market we select for your vehic le, as well as the selling price.

Isn’t there a lot of scamming on the internet?

There is, especially on Craigslist. Be careful. If you choose to try this forum on your own, only accept cash, and take a counterfeit checking pen to be sure the bills are real. We are professionals and have never had an issue with being scammed. We will protect you each step of the way!

Our family needs assistance with selling some of our parents estate items since they have passed on, do you sell estate items?

Certainly we do. We do a version of ‘pickers’ and walk through the home and work with items we feel are worth over $75. We bring those to our home office for quickest listing, and safe storage.

How do you liquidate businesses?

We work by placing a value on furniture, fixtures, equipment, machinery, and inventory. We then create lots – large groupings of assets usually of smaller value and then determine a market price that will help us sell within an acceptable time frame for our client. In some cases we may offer to buy remaining items and move to our corporate office/warehouse in Ferdinand.

Can you advertise our real estate?

Yes. We create the ad with photographs and ad copy. The potential buyer will contact you. You are selling the home as a For Sale by Owner. We use several internet sites and we have packages for smaller homes that start at $200 for 60 days ads. There is a small finder’s fee if we find a buyer, for example, on a $200,000 home the fee would be approximately $3000.