About Us

Cardinal Selling Services, LLC

Vicki Wiederkehr of Southern Indiana began Cardinal Selling Services, LLC in 2006 with advertising, marketing and selling classic cars for local clients. She knew that local people had great classic cars, and the web would allow many of those cars to sell best. She develop a strategy to list those vehicles that would allow for a mix of information to ensure confidence for buyers who would be coming in from a distance, or having the vehicle shipped. Buyer confidence she soon realized was the key to selling big ticket items using e-commerce methods.

Over time, many other items were sold in the automotive sector such as RV’s, boats and motorcycles. As the business continued to evolve, marketing and selling big ticket items such as equipment was added as income streams. The same principals of honesty in vehicle transactions which worked so well with all valuable items. The Cardinal brand has become a signature stamp of online integrity, as much as a stamp for our clients of financial returns. It’s a fine balance that Cardinal Selling Services has perfected, best return for clients along with satisfied buyers across the globe.

10 years later, the business has evolved into a complete service company working with small businesses to Fortune 500s. Residential assets, if valuable are still sold through their processes.

Her education and past experiences paved the path for the Cardinal success she has found. Ms. Wiederkehr attended a private college in Owensboro, KY where a business administration degree was obtained in 1994. Many courses from Harvard School of Business were channeled into her curriculum as a test for the new Master’s program at Brescia College.

Her corporate career was in the accounting/credit/finance area as well as Data Processing. She purchased her first retail store in 2000 and began teaching entrepreneurship and Business Law courses at a local community college while running her small business.

After leaving the retail business behind, Ms. Wiederkehr became an author educating students about personal finance, time management, goal setting and income creation through small business start-up. Those books were used in adult education, high schools and prison ministry training sessions throughout the US within months of being written from 2003-2006.

Her passion for helping the public has been a mission of all of her adulthood and will continue with the franchise entity being formed to help business owners across the globe run their own Cardinal Selling Services business. The business fills a void in the community, it grows each year and evolves with needs of business. It is a business with little inventory that allows for challenge each day, as well as a change of routine and travel! The franchise is a perfect fit for those who network well in their community with business owners, or who are professionals that want to relocated but don’t have a career they want to take with them. Click on our Franchise tab for more information.

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Vision Statement
 Cardinal Selling Services strategy for bringing unused assets to the marketplace is an industry disruptor and category creator building new levels of financial success for our customers, employees, and franchise partners.  We feel that high levels of integrity, American grit, and hustle, combined with our knowledge and experience in all aspects of e-commerce make the Cardinal model highly successful and entirely unique.  We have focused all our energies on spreading this prosperity into communities across the United States with our rapidly expanding franchise model.  
Join us.  Maximize your return on a high-value asset you need us to help you sell,  explore the world of possibilities of our franchise opportunity if you are an entrepreneur seeking financial freedom, or just hunt for a great deal on high-quality, unique items in every category imaginable.  We always create a winning outcome for everyone involved.

Cardinal Selling Services, LLC makes the following commitment to our community:

  • to provide clients with honest service to you or your company
  • to protect clients valuables throughout the entire selling process
  • communicate to our clients throughout the process of selling your items from start to finish
  • to provide all clients documentation in a 'full disclosure' closing statement once your item sells
  • to appreciate your business and for you to consider your friends who may need our services
  • to aid in growing and supporting our community with education and awareness of the global marketplace we sell to

Our Growth with E-Commerce:

  • Our model in the beginning was:
  • - 54% Real Estate Advertising Income
  • - 38% Vehicle Commission Income
  • - 8% Misc Items under $500

Today our revenue is:

  • - 68% Business Equipment/Inventory/Furniture
  • Misc. Revenue
  • - 8% Vehicle Commission Income
  • - 20% Misc Items under $500



Our strength lies within:

Our Brand

Cardinal Selling Services, LLC has been a known marketing company in the US and abroad since 2006. We have closed 10,000+ transactions, with 99% positive feedback. While we are a power seller on eBay, our business uses many websites to drive our daily sales, many with minimal advertising costs.

Our Website. hosts most items we sell over $50. Target marketing through email marketing channels will help this model grow in years ahead as we move to penetrate locations of the Cardinal Franchise across the globe. Franchise owners will have a ‘partitioned’ area of this same website to use to develop their own Cardinal location.

Sales Support.

We use to manage our sales activity and we will use it for yours. This forum provides global communication and reporting so that we can all measure our successes and our areas for improvement. As a team, we will work to fine tune the model we use now and adapt it to the ever changing needs in business today and in the days ahead.

Business Support.

We will use our model and be a support to aid in the selling process of your new Cardinal organization with effective communication and training for all personnel in your organization. You will be in business for yourself, not by yourself. With multiple locations opened by one owner, or in one large area we will dedicate a fair amount of time at your location to be sure your staff is ready to display the Cardinal Selling Services model properly and professionally in your area.

Accounting Support.

Bookkeeping is the key to success in any business. Our model allows for assistance with set-up and reporting so that communicating is smooth between franchisor (CSS) and franchisee (You). We will be a part of selection process for your CPA, and to be sure your day to day accounting transactions assist you with your success.


Be ready to live a business life with fun and change. Our model allows for various items to be sold in a smooth systematic way. We meet new people each week, we sell items today even that we are NOT familiar with. Our processes make selling nearly any item flawless.


Work your franchise from one key office, with unlimited territory around you. Have two homes? We can work out a plan that fits both residential addresses, where you can work this model in both locations using one location as your main franchise location.

Are you looking for a business with some flexibility? Not interested in being tied down to an office 8-5? Our model may be a whole new concept or a compliment to a current business you operate. We offer a smooth selling model with professional documents that may also build a cyclical business you currently operate.

Clients We Serve:

  • Business Owners
  • Storage Facility Owners/Manager
  • Contractors
  • Realtors
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Farmers
  • Bankers
  • Music Stores
  • Doctors/Medical Offices
  • Home owners with assets of value.
  • Repair Shops – Motorcycle or vehicle, RV/camper, airplane, foreign cars, etc.
  • Car lots – dealer or independents.

Your passion can be your specialty!

Our model is also a perfect complement to any of the above types of businesses..and can
be an add-on service located WITHIN any of these current operations.

NOTE: This franchise offering is not available in the following states: CA, HI, IL, MD, CT, NC, MN, NY, ND, RI, ME, SC, SD, VA, WA, WI, NE, UT - If you are located in these states please inquire, and we will contact you when this opportunity is available in these locations.