CASA 9' Crank LIFT AUTOTILT ALUM Patio Umbrella

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Introducing the CASA 9' Crank LIFT AUTOTILT ALUM Patio Umbrella - The Perfect Shade Solution for Your Home!


California Umbrella Casa Series Umbrella


New Unit in Stone Beige Color

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with the stunning Stone Beige color of our new CASA Series Umbrella. It's time to elevate your patio with style!

Grade: Residential

Designed for your home, the CASA Series Umbrella combines elegance and functionality to provide you with the perfect shade solution for your outdoor relaxation.

Frame Color: Bronze

The Bronze frame color adds a touch of sophistication to your patio, making it the ideal accessory for your outdoor living space.

Fabric Color: Antique Beige

Featuring Antique Beige fabric, our umbrella complements various design aesthetics and adds a touch of warmth to your outdoor environment.

Fabric Type: Olefin

Crafted from durable Olefin fabric, this umbrella is built to withstand the elements and provide you with long-lasting shade.

Lift Style: Crank

Effortlessly open and close your umbrella with the easy-to-use crank mechanism. Say goodbye to complicated setups!

Tilt Style: Auto Tilt

Enjoy the convenience of the auto tilt feature. With the push of a button, you can effortlessly adjust the canopy to follow the sun and create the perfect shade angle.

Canopy Type: Single Wind Vent

The single wind vent not only adds an extra layer of style but also allows for improved air circulation, making it more stable on breezy days.

Canopy Diameter: 108 in.

A generous 108-inch canopy offers ample shade to protect you and your loved ones from the sun's rays.

Overall Height: 102 in.

At 102 inches in height, this umbrella stands tall and proud, providing you with plenty of overhead space.

Ground Clearance: 80 in.

With 80 inches of ground clearance, you won't have to worry about obstructions below. Enjoy your patio with ease!

Pole Diameter: 1.5 in.

The sturdy 1.5-inch aluminum pole ensures stability and durability, even in changing weather conditions.

Pole Material: Aluminum

Built to last, the aluminum pole is both lightweight and strong, making it the ideal choice for your patio.

Rib Material: Aluminum

Aluminum ribs add further durability and strength to the umbrella while maintaining a sleek and modern design.

Hub Material: Resin

The hub and housing materials are made from resilient resin, ensuring long-lasting performance and style.

Base not included

Please note that the base is not included with the CASA Series Umbrella, allowing you the flexibility to choose the perfect base for your patio setup.

Upgrade your outdoor living space with the CASA 9' Crank LIFT AUTOTILT ALUM Patio Umbrella from California Umbrella's Casa Series. Enjoy the perfect blend of style and functionality with an easy-to-use crank lift and convenient auto tilt feature.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create the perfect shaded oasis on your patio. Elevate your outdoor experience with the CASA Series Umbrella in Stone Beige.

Order yours today and bask in the beauty of your outdoor paradise!


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