We Give Thanks

We Give Thanks

This week is a time that people become retrospective about things and take stock of their lives and the things that they are thankful for. Here at Cardinal Selling Services we get pretty sentimental about the holidays. We truly are thankful and appreciative of our families, friends and clients.

We love the community we live in here in Dubois County. This place represents the heartland of America. It is a great place to put down roots and create a nice life for you and your family. Neighbors look out for one another and people are involved in the community and support good causes.

We are running a business and have to be financially successful to survive and support our families, but we also try and conduct our business in an altruistic manner. It is not always about making a buck or chasing the almighty dollar. What comes around goes around and we try to do our good selling deeds each day.

In the past few weeks we have had some nice reminders about how we were able to really help our clients out in a tight spot just by doing what we do best: Making great deals for our clients and getting them the best value for their assets. We had a client who was upside down badly on a vehicle he was about to have to surrender to the bank. In short order we were able to get him close to a retail price for the car and allow him to make good on the loan. He stopped in the other day just to say thanks again, just this past Saturday.

Within a few days of this we also ran into the daughter of a client. We helped him sell a unique classic car. Her father had some significant medical expenses and had decided it was finally time to let go of this classic he had for 4 years. He had not been about to sell it on his own and we were able to get him $4,000 more than he thought he could get.  His daughter shared some very kind words with us about just what that meant to her family.  Months later we worked hard on a commercial truck for them, and timing again for us was quick and nearly $26,000 in asset revenue returned to their bank account ... just in time!

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We do not share these anecdotes because we are looking for a pat on the back. Most of the good deeds in this world go unheralded and are done by people with big hearts who just want to help their fellow man.  

Our days here at Cardinal Selling Services are fast-paced. We are sure many of your lives are as well. This week is a great time to take a moment and reflect on the blessings in your life and ask yourself what you can do to help those around you that may be in need. It could be donating food to the local food pantry, volunteering at a shelter or helping out a neighbor in some way. No act is too small or insignificant. Every good deed matters. Do whatever you are able to.

Things will get crazy on Black Friday. Stop by our warehouse if you are out and about or shop us online for some great deals. 10% of all proceeds from Friday go to benefit our local food bank. Be sure to register for the whole ham we are giving away as well, it will be drawn closer to Christmas!

Happy Thanksgiving from your internet sales professionals at Cardinal Selling Services!


23rd Nov 2016 Dave Carder

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