Top 3 Budget Office Furniture Solutions for Small Business or Nonprofits

The efficiency and productivity of your staff in an office is fueled by multiple factors. The aesthetics of the interior decor and furniture is one of them. Various studies show these factors add to the ambiance of the workplace and also inspire employees to do their very best. An inviting arrangement of furniture and pleasing decor is a great way to boost the morale of employees and improves the overall environment.

An office should be comfortable for the employees as well as pleasing to visitors. Does this new office layout require expensive furniture? No, it doesn’t. Can start-ups or small-sized business operations have offices with affordable but yet impressive furniture? Yes, most certainly! Anyone can achieve their office decor goals while using budget friendly furniture, knowing the options will make all the difference! There are various styles and set-ups of office furniture available. This article features three important styles that transform an office into a positive and productive workplace

3 Important Styles of Quality Office Furniture You Must Consider

The following furniture has the capability to transform any office environment.

  1. Desks: Despite evolving technology, desks are an integral part in the daily work life of employees. There are various types of desks used in every office. The following are a few important ones to consider.

    • Executive Desk Setting: These desks usually demand roomy spaces and are ideal for large offices. However, you can find them in compact designs too. Many of them feature single or double pedestal designs that are equipped with one or multiple drawers for stocking files and other essentials. They often include a credenza and separate storage cabinets. They are typically designed with a level work surface in an office meant for a leadership role, such as a VP or CEO. These often have a floor footprint of a minimum of 12’ x 14’.

      Executive Desk

    • L Shaped Desks and U Shaped Desks:These office desks are designed for smaller office spaces. L desks feature two connecting parts – a return, and a desk. The return area is usually smaller than the desk portion. The return area can be used for additional storage or other tasks. U-desks are similar to L desks, featuring a main desk, a credenza, and a bridge. These desks are available in large and compact versions and are often 6’ x 6’ in an L shaped set, and 6’ x 8’ in a U shaped desk. Two L shaped desks can be brought together to give the impression of an elegant workspace for middle management executives who share a space.

      L desks

    • Computer Desks: As the name suggests, these desks are primarily designed for a computer. The desks also feature filing drawers and separate areas for organization. There are computer desks in compact designs, and some that are simple work stations without lower storage.

      Computer Desks

    • Adjustable Desks: The desks of this style possess ergonomic designs. Their height can be adjusted – raised or lowered– via an electric or manual mechanism to suit one’s comfort. Most desks start with standard desk height, 29” and can lift to up to 44”.

      Adjustable Desks

    • Credenza Desks: They are basically storage units with a knee space that enables them to be utilized as a workstation. Credenza desks may possess a single or double storage pedestals. These desks are mainly used in conjunction with a U-shaped desk. The width of these desks are often 24” wide and 72” long, however variations are available.

      Credenza Desks

  2. Chairs: They are one of the most important types of office furniture which will need to be chosen for the staff. There are countless options to choose from and the following are a few important ones.
    • 24 Hour Chairs: These chairs are designed for long-term use. They feature extra durable frames, comfortable backs, thickly padded seats, and ergonomic adjustments.

    • Computer Chairs: These are the style of chairs mainly used with computer desks. They typically feature a five-star base, fitted with rolling casters for smooth movement within an office.

      Computer Chairs

    • Executive Chairs: The impressive look of this type of chair includes an ample cushion and a high back. These chairs are usually larger than typical computer chairs. There is a luxurious selection on the market, and they often have the added benefit of longevity.

      Executive Chairs

    • Ergonomic Chairs: These chairs offer several adjustments to meet the specific requirements of users who often require sitting 8 hours at a time.

  3. Storage: Storage cabinets or shelves are critical for organizing files, books, and other office essentials. There are multipurpose cabinets and shelves that can be used to stock books and other important office essentials. Upper bookcase storage cabinets are one of the compact-sized shelves that can serve as space savers, and can be easily positioned above working tables. These storage cabinets are popular with start-ups and businesses with space constraints. Having a 2-door storage cabinet under these shelves adds needed space for copy paper, binders, books and other miscellaneous items including a business briefcase or personal gym bag.

     storage cabinet

As office furniture selections are made, color is not to be forgotten. The contemporary colors of today are most certainly barn wood grey and espresso brown. For the traditional buyers we also sell mahogany, walnut, and cherry wood colors. These are available with 10 year wear laminates and are truly gorgeous color compliments. Add the upgraded white glass facing doors and your room will have a show-room sizzle for many years to come!

Important office furniture options are introduced throughout this post. It is equally important that you buy them from trusted brands such as Cardinal Selling Services. We provide comprehensive selections of budget friendly office furniture for all types of requirements, including large and small businesses, non-profits, and home offices. Shipping is part of our pricing, and assembly is likely available for larger quantity orders.

For more information, you can get in touch with our team today. Email us at, or call us at 812-998-2090. You may also message us through our Facebook page, and feel free to follow us! Send us your email address if you would like to be added to our email list. Bulk orders receive discounts and those figures are posted on each item page once quantity is entered and added to our cart.

25th May 2020

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