The Next Ten Years and Beyond...

The Next Ten Years and Beyond...

Our blog last week was about how overnight success rarely happens overnight. The reality is that we spent the last ten years navigating the fast moving waters of our industry never knowing what was around the next bend. Along the way we gained some valuable insight and experience. At Cardinal Selling Services we are now poised to move forward and create the next bold chapter. To help create focus around these efforts we have created a new Vision Statement:

Vision Statement

Cardinal Selling Services strategy for bringing unused assets to the marketplace is an industry disruptor and category creator building new levels of financial success for our customers, employees, and franchise partners. We feel that high levels of integrity, American grit, and hustle, combined with our knowledge and experience in all aspects of e-commerce make the Cardinal model highly successful and entirely unique. We have focused all our energies on spreading this prosperity into communities across the United States with our rapidly expanding franchise model.

Join us. Maximize your return on a high-value asset you need us to help you sell, explore the world of possibilities of our franchise opportunity if you are an entrepreneur seeking financial freedom, or just hunt for a great deal on high-quality, unique items in every category imaginable. We always create a winning outcome for everyone involved.

Vision Statements are created by many organizations. When you read some of these they seem pretty generic and do not seem to be saying much of anything at all. That is not the case for our vision statement. We put quite a bit of thought into ours and carefully chose every word.

We love making great deals. Great deals for our clients when we help them sell an assets liquidation. Great deals for a customer who finds an unclaimed treasure. No matter where our future will take us, we will always stay true to our roots of hard work and hustle and do all we can to execute a great deal for everyone involved. The entire team here at Cardinal Selling Services can not wait to see where the next 10 years take us!

14th Oct 2016 Dave Carder

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