Cincinnati Entrepreneurs Rescue Native Antique Deli Case in Southern Indiana

Cincinnati Entrepreneurs Rescue Native Antique Deli Case in Southern Indiana


The deli case at it’s previous location in Birdseye, IN.

Kelly Wiseman, of Birdseye General Store, partnered with us to offer their antique grocery store assets to sell in March of this year to help maximize the sale amount for their assets. One of the most unique items was a 10-foot antique porcelain deli case. Going to a local auction house usually results in having to take a fraction of fair market value or loading your items back on the truck. Through our strong e-commerce platforms, proven selling processes, and our experienced staff we were able to handle the entire transaction of the deli case from pick up, listing, final sale, and shipping to the new owner. We take pride at Cardinal that our processes take away the stress from our clients during a time that can be very overwhelming. We have everything covered from the minute a client comes to us with an asset to the moment it is sold and processed to the new owner.

This is where the story gets really interesting. Nino, Joe, and Remo Loreto have a wildly successful authentic Italian food truck business named Panino in Cincinnati, OH. The Loreto brothers are venturing into opening a physical storefront, and they are the proud new owners of the deli case and will be featuring it prominently  as a functional statement piece anchoring the restaurant's decor. As it turns out the deli case was manufactured by the C. Schmidt Company of Cincinnati, OH over 60 years ago. While they have built their reputation on providing exquisite daytime cuisine, Panino plans to use their restaurant to expand upon their already terrific menu while adding the nighttime theme of a relaxed bar atmosphere.

We were overjoyed to be sending such a unique piece on its final voyage back home to the Queen City. Every day here at Cardinal Selling Services we come across assets that each have it’s own unique history. Selling assets is great for business, but selling assets with a certain level of pathos is great for much more than just business, it brings a smile to everyone involved. We think the deli case is going to make a dramatic statement for the Loreto brothers, and we wish the new Panino restaurant many years of success as they enter into the next chapter of their business.

1st Jul 2016 Dave Carder

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