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Mrs. Wiederkehr works with motivational and educational content on the following subjects:

  • - Branding
  • - Youth Entrepreneurship & Personal Finance/Time Management/Goal Setting (All topics are more broadly defined in the boot camp setting, see below.)
  • - Adult Entrepreneurship
  • - Social Media as it applies to Small Business
  • - Small business strategy and growth. (Multiple Income Streams, Social Media Focus)

Youth / ADULT Entrepreneurship :

Bootcamp 2- 6-8 hour sessions (day or evening) -
which includes up to 60 workbooks. $6,500 Includes travel costs within the USA

Public Speaking :

(Topics will be adjusted according to audience and desired topics.)
- $4,500 1 hour includes travel - $5,500 2 hours includes travel

Ms. Wiederkehr has worked with the following entities & individual program coordinators:

  • - PLTW
  • - DECA
  • - BPA
  • - ACTE
  • - PEP (Houston) (Business plan is a strategy, those strategies often need
    realigned, just like your life plan needed realigned.)
  • - GAGE (Evansville, IN)
  • - Bobby Clark, Clark Publishing Lexington, KY
  • - Jim Edwards, Indiana State Board of Education (retired 2016)
  • - Paul Medcalf
  • - Dr. John Nally, Indiana Corrections Education Director

Ms. Wiederkehr's' focus is on brainstorming ideas, relevant to todays market for small business start-ups as well as discovering multiple income streams in the business model.

Time Management, goal setting, personal finance topics are also available.