Tips For Buying Commercial Pizza Ovens

Tips For Buying Commercial Pizza Ovens

A pizza oven is a kitchen appliance designed for the sole purpose of cooking pizzas. Unlike a conventional oven, a pizza oven has several features that make it better suited for cooking pizzas. For example, pizza ovens are often equipped with a revolving platform that helps to cook the pizza crust evenly. Additionally, pizza ovens are typically much hotter than conventional ovens, which helps to create an authentic and traditional pizzeria-style pizza.

When it comes to commercial pizza ovens, there are certain factors to consider before making your purchase. Size, fuel source, area, and what type of pizza you want to bake are all important considerations. Also consider the exhaust system you have in place, and whether or not you need more ventilation.

Here are a few tips you can use when you see commercial pizza ovens for sale.

Size: The size of the oven is important because it will determine how much pizza you can bake at once. If you are starting a new pizzeria business, you will need a larger oven that can accommodate multiple pizzas. On the other hand, if you are handling a family-owned business, a smaller oven may be adequate.

Source of Fuel: Another consideration when looking at commercial pizza ovens for sale is the source of fuel for the oven. Some ovens use gas while others use electricity. If you have a natural gas connection, a gas-powered oven would be the best choice. However, if you use an electric oven, ensure you have adequate power available to run the oven. Gas is nearly always more economical than electric.

Heat from the oven. Fully enclosed ovens with front drawer type hinged doors help keep the heat from escaping. Open style ovens such as conveyor or wood fired pizza ovens often emit more heat. Intake exhausts for heat only are life savers with kitchen heat in the summertime.

Crust type. Brick oven style pizza units do a wonderful job of allowing the crust to have crunch. Wood fired gives the crust a fire taste, and is often found in festival atmospheres. Conveyor units work well for medium to thicker crusts and often have great output as well.

Speed.. Conveyor ovens are convenient for speed and also ease of use, so long as someone stays near the oven. 3 tier Brick oven style units can make 40 pizzas an hour, yet it is also important to stay with the oven.

Types of Pizza Ovens

If you're looking to open a pizza restaurant, one important decision is choosing the right commercial pizza oven. There are different types of ovens to choose from, each with its benefits and drawbacks.

Conveyor Pizza Oven

As mentioned above, conveyor ovens are convenient, and can be less costly than other styles of pizza ovens. Many conveyor ovens can also be used for breadsticks, sandwiches and other snack type foods. Conveyor ovens can be purchased used for $3-$5,000 and new for under $13,000 most often.

There are several brands of conveyor ovens, including Middleby Marshall the bigger chains like Papa John's use. Lincoln is a brand medium to small businesses use and there are others such as Duke and TurboChef. Check our our top brand under our website search “Budget” if you are starting up on a tight budget.

Brick Oven

One popular type of oven is the brick oven. These ovens produce pizzas with a crispy crust, as they can reach very high temperatures. However, they can be expensive to install and maintain and take longer to heat up than other types of ovens. In addition, this oven has a few parts, and you can get commercial pizza oven parts for sale.

Convection Oven

Another popular option is the convection oven. However, often used mainly for baking or bakery applications, these ovens do bake fast and they bake consistently.

These ovens circulate hot air around the pizza, cooking it evenly on all sides. Convection ovens are typically more affordable than brick ovens, and they heat up more quickly. However, some people feel they don't produce quite as good of a crust. On the other hand, there is not much maintenance to do in such ovens, and you can easily get spares at A good gas unit we have seen last for 40 years with regular light use.

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