The Top 8 Essential Commercial Kitchen Tools and Equipment Every Restaurant Needs

The Top 8 Essential Commercial Kitchen Tools and Equipment Every Restaurant Needs

If you're in the restaurant business, then you know that having the right commercial kitchen tools and equipment is essential for success. This post will outline the top essential tools and equipment that every restaurant needs. From mixers to slicers to ovens, we've got you covered! So, if you're looking to equip your kitchen with the best of the best, read on.

1) Skillet

A commercial Groen skillet outlet is an excellent choice for any restaurant kitchen. Designed with heavy-duty stainless steel construction, double-sided cast iron grates, and an even heat distribution system, groen skillets are perfect for preparing delicious dishes like steaks, stir-fries, and fried eggs. They’re also easy to control the temperature with, and their long handles make it easy to move them around the kitchen.

2) Fryers

Commercial fryers are a must-have in any restaurant kitchen. Not only are they incredibly efficient at frying foods quickly and evenly, but they’re also incredibly safe with their built-in safety features. They come in both gas and electric models, with some offering adjustable temperature controls for extra convenience.

3) Griddles

Griddles are another essential piece of commercial kitchen equipment that can help you cook quickly and evenly. They’re perfect for pancakes, burgers, or anything that needs to be cooked flatly. Most griddles come with thermostat controls, so adjusting the heat is manageable. They’re also very versatile and can be used for multiple dishes. Natural gas or electric options are available.

4) Choppers

You can get Hobart choppers and dough mixers for sale when restocking your commercial kitchen. These devices are perfect for quickly chopping vegetables, nuts, and other ingredients. The Hobart chopper makes the process of preparing food a lot faster than manual chopping. It also increases safety since it allows you to chop foods without touching them directly with your hands.

These commercial-grade choppers come with added features like:

a) Interchangeable blades that allow you to customize your ingredients' size, shape, and texture.

b) The ability to adjust the speed at which it chops for accurate and consistent results.

c) Durable construction that stands up to frequent use in a busy kitchen environment.

5) Freezers and Refrigerators

Every restaurant needs to have a way of keeping its ingredients and dishes fresh. Freezers and refrigerators are essential for any kitchen. Not only do they keep your items cold, but they also help extend the shelf-life of food products. They can also store backup ingredients in case you run out of something. Refrigerators are usually more affordable than freezers and can be used for cooling and freezing items.

Some things to check while investing in a refrigerator or freezer include the size, temperature range, and energy efficiency before you buy.

6) Steamers

A steamer is an excellent addition to any kitchen serving vegetables and other items that require steam. Steamers are easier to use than conventional pots and pans because they keep food from coming into contact with water. This makes them an excellent choice for keeping food from sticking or burning. Steamers are also very energy efficient, making them an excellent choice for small and large restaurants.

7) Food Processors

Commercial kitchens are only complete with a food processor. This essential tool uses razor-sharp blades to chop, mix, and blend ingredients in seconds. It can help you quickly prepare soups and sauces or evenly dice vegetables for stews and salads. They come with different attachments to handle tasks like shredding cheese or crushing nuts.

8) Ice Makers & Ice Dispensers

In most restaurants, ice is a critical component in food and drink preparation. Commercial ice makers and dispensers are essential for creating the perfect cocktail or providing cold drinks to guests. Many models have built-in sensors that detect when the bin is full of ice, ensuring you never run out!

In Closing.

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19th Jan 2023

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