Overnight Success:  Ten Years in the Making

Overnight Success: Ten Years in the Making

Any entrepreneur will tell you there is no such thing as overnight success. From the outside looking in, sometimes it appears that someone came up with a million-dollar idea, acted on it, and the revenue and accolades just started rolling in immediately. This almost never happens. Behind every success story you will find an inspiring tale of hard work and perseverance.

This describes the journey here at Cardinal Selling Services. Our founder, Vicki Wiederkehr, opened the doors in 2006 with a passion for helping people in her community and enthusiasm to make money to support her two young kids. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, she worked hard to find her niche in the marketplace. This all was happening at a time in our country when people were being hit hard by the Great Recession. Jobs were scarce and income was falling. Many people had to tap into dwindling savings accounts to stay afloat. Some had to make difficult decisions to part with high-value assets that also held sentimental value.  

Inspired initially by her love of classic cars, Vicki started in a niche she was knowledgeable about and expanded the business into many other categories of assets to sell and liquidate. Like any new business, there were plenty of challenges and obstacles to overcome. This also happened during a time when online sales communities like eBay were creating a massive eCommerce marketplace. Vicki and our team here at Cardinal Selling Services embraced and explored the potential of the virtual marketplace. Connecting local sellers with global buyers is a key component of our successful business model.

From the very beginning Vicki has always been passionate about education. Volunteering in Junior Achievement inspired her to write a book geared to inspire and encourage young people to create financial freedom. Cardinal Rules: Financial Resources for Young Adults. Whether it is teaching classes at a local school, mentoring, or speaking in a prison ministry program, giving back has always been a core value here at Cardinal Selling Services.

Now ten years into this wild ride and the Cardinal Selling Services model is a fast, smooth-running machine. We have completes over 10,000 successful transactions over the years and have a perfect rating at the Better Business Bureau with zero complaints. On eBay our company has attained platinum-level seller status. We have mastered eCommerce and leveraged robust technology tools and techniques to scale our capabilities online and increase our reach to sell items globally.

So what next? Franchising is the path we have chosen to expand and share the Cardinal Selling Services business model with the world. If Vicki can start from ground zero and create this kind of success, anyone else can as well. We do not think someone should have to begin from a dead stop like she did. Our business model can be implemented in any local community. The program will give people all the tools, training, and support to create a running start in this fast-moving and rewarding industry. Jump over to the Cardinal Selling Services franchise page to read a bit more.

Contact us if you think that might be a franchise with Cardinal Selling Services. Whatever your dreams of success for the future involve, TODAY is the time to lay the ground work to create your own "overnight" success. Make sure you have a passion for whatever path you choose. Taking the next, most obvious step towards realizing your goal is all that it takes. It might be a small step or a giant leap, just make sure you are consistent and create some forward progress each day and you will make it!

24th Sep 2016 Dave Carder

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