Cardinal Snags Top Dollar for Eldery Man's Vintage 1974 Pantera

Cardinal Snags Top Dollar for Eldery Man's Vintage 1974 Pantera


It’s hard to place a price tag on one of man’s age old favorite toys. Man and sports car have been a symbol of this country since the late 1940s when they first began being produced in larger quantities at relatively affordable prices. Huntingburg, IN native, Scott Carson, is no different from anyone else who has fallen in love with a sports car. The object of his automotive obsession was an all original 1974 de Tomasso Pantera with only 88k miles. Back in it’s heyday it was the fastest production car in the world.  

Unfortunately his health has been declining for some time, and he was in need of some extra cash to help him with the seemingly never-ending hospital bills. After coming to the difficult decision to list his beloved Pantera locally, he received several offers from several interested car aficionados, but none were above $45,000. Scott knew this wasn’t enough. Sure, it seemed like a lot of money, but this Pantera held a special place in his heart. It seemed like a no brainer that he should be able to get top dollar for his unique piece of automotive history.

After hearing about Cardinal Selling Services and our reputation for inspecting, photographing, marketing, advertising classic cars and assisting the sale all the way to their buyer, Scott set up a meeting with our owner, Vicki Wiederkehr. Upon coming to our office location and seeing our capabilities, it took no time at all for Scott to realize that going the Cardinal Way was going to prove to pay off. He saw that through our sales channels and expertise that we would give him the best opportunity to get the maximum amount of money for his treasured car. He certainly deserved a solid return on his investment for holding onto the car since 1978 and preserving it in pristine fashion. Once we came on board, it took our team just four short days to sell the ’74 Pantera for a whopping $77,500! Buyer in California, shipping the car to him was just part of the Cardinal Way.

It is a rewarding feeling for us to look back on a deal that we had closed and to know that we truly helped somebody in need. Whether it be with larger non-profits like Habitat for Humanity, or individuals like Scott who need the extra income, we are more than happy to step in and execute our sophisticated strategies and core business model. Large deals with companies and corporations are the table legs that keep us supported, but working with those who need help rewards us beyond any sort of compliment or compensation.

6th Jul 2016 Dave Carder

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