Buying the Best Commercial Fryers – Quality Pitco Fryers

Buying the Best Commercial Fryers – Quality Pitco Fryers

A commercial fryer is a must-have piece of equipment for any restaurant that serves fried foods. Not only does it provide a consistent heat source, but it also helps to regulate the cooking temperature of the oil. This ensures that food is evenly cooked and prevents it from becoming greasy or burnt. Here are some tips for buying commercial fryers:

1. Size: When choosing a fryer, select the right size for your needs. Fryers are available in various sizes, so you can easily find one perfect for your restaurant. Maximum width is the main consideration as other measurements are standard.

2. Capacity: Be sure to choose a fryer to meet your needs. If you plan to fry large quantities of food, select a fryer with a large capacity. Vat sizes range from 40 to 100 lbs, and volume of food production can be vastly different. Larger vats bring volume to your bottom line when food sales soar.

3. Type: There are two main types of commercial fryers which are electric and gas. Which type you choose will depend on your individual preferences and needs. Propane gas is popular for food trucks and remote locations, we often can source new or used with any type of fryer.

4. Brand: When selecting a commercial fryer, choose a brand you can trust. There are many brands of commercial fryers available, so do your research before buying one. Fryer brands should be chosen for the ability to repair, unless you are on a very strict budget. Pitco and Frymaster are our top choices.

Pitco Fryers – A Good Choice

Pitco fryers are one of the best commercial Pitco fryers for sale in US Markets. They offer a variety of features that make them ideal for use in busy restaurants. For instance, they have high-powered heating elements that can quickly recover from temperature fluctuations. This means that your food will always be cooked evenly, no matter how busy your kitchen gets. Some offer automatic filtration and lifting basket features. Like having a garage, once you have these fine features, you can not hardly do without.

Commercial Pitco fryers for sale come with built-in filters that help keep your oil clean and free of impurities. This not only helps to improve the taste of your food, but it also prolongs the life of your fryer. And finally, Pitco fryers are extremely durable and easy to maintain. They can last for many years with proper care, making them a wise investment for any restaurant owner.

Easy Maintenance

Any restaurant owner will tell you that keeping your kitchen in tip-top shape is essential to running a successful business. And one of the most important things is you can easily find commercial Pitco parts for sale online. That's why Pitco fryers are easy to maintain.

It is important to have a maintenance schedule with your preferred commercial or industrial repair company. Listen to their suggestions on repair schedules. Check their online ratings to be sure they are reputable sources.

Pitco fryers are known for their durability and easy cleanup. The patented self-cleaning feature ensures that your fryer will always operate at peak performance. And the easily accessible commercial Pitco parts for sale make it simple to keep your fryer in good working order. Check the Pitco fryer you are interested in, and also check the features before purchase.

So if you're looking for a fryer that is easy to maintain, Pitco is a great option. Make sure you buy from a reliable seller who provides warranty and after-sales service options.

6th Dec 2022 Vicki Wiederkehr

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