A Successful Multi-State Trip Leads to Two Happy Parties

A Successful Multi-State Trip Leads to Two Happy Parties

Just last week, the Cardinal Crew found themselves out on the open road; leaving from their offices in Jasper, Indiana and heading towards Enid, Oklahoma to clear out a call center of more than 450 cubicles. Asset liquidations sales of big ticket items is a challenge Cardinal Selling Services takes on with our targeted and effective social media and eCommerce tools. Getting rid of these assets for most companies means either dumping them, or auctioning/selling them to dealers for pennies on the dollar. Not to Cardinal Selling Services, they put liquidation services a pedestal and call it SUCCESS with some hustle and strategy they are proud of!

Clearing out all of the cubicles was a job that required a solid team

Startek, the client in this scenario, knows that to get top value for assets in a call center of more than 450 units requires the right professionals to assist with this unique sales situation. Headquartered in sunny Florida, Startek has now worked with Cardinal Selling Services on three different occasions to move assets at their corporate locations. Established sales processes and predictable outcomes made the deals relatively stress free for all parties involved.

The Startek Call Center located in Enid, Oklahoma

Many of those who have worked with Cardinal Selling Services have labeled us a “category creator”, as it is not easy to pinpoint a finite category for the service that we provide. Cardinal works to break assets up into valuable lots, appraise them and then target budget-friendly buyers within a 200-mile radius of the company location to see if there initially is more localized interest. Much of the assets in the Enid call center were sold before the Cardinal team arrived on site.  What is leftover is often filtered through Cardinal’s outlet center in Jasper, IN. as we grow with franchises more outlet centers will be added.  

The Enid Call Center after almost every unit had been torn down and removed

The 4-day experience,while tiring at times, was an amazing experience for all involved. Startek was able to remove a tremendous amount of weight from their shoulders by unloading all of their unwanted assets and Cardinal was able to make a profit while venturing into new geographic territory. It is the willingness to hustle and the experience of the entire team, that makes Cardinal Selling Services so effective at performing these valuable services to so many clients.

8th Aug 2016 Dave Carder

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