New Vevor Commercial Ice Maker Freestand Ice Cube Machine 155Lbs/24H 33Lbs Storage With Shipping

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Cardinal Commercial Ice Maker Freestand Ice Cube Machine 155LBS/24H 33LBS Storage


Item Specs

  • High Yield Ice Machine: Fueled by the 530W compressor, our commercial ice maker features efficient ice making. It can produce up to 155 lbs (70 kg) of 0.9" (22 mm) ice cubes in 24 hours and store about 33 lbs (15 kg), satisfying your urgent needs for ice. With a 72-grid built-in ice tray, each cycle takes 8-15 minutes. Ice-making duration determines whether the ice cubes are thicker or thinner, and different thicknesses serve different purposes, such as preserving seafood, chilling drinks, etc.
  • Sturdy & Compact Body: Our commercial ice machine has a compact and sturdy construction. It measures 18.9"x16.1"x31.3" (480x410x795 mm) in dimensions and weighs 66.1 lbs (30 kg). This freestanding ice maker is composed of stainless steel shell, Cyclopentane foaming layer, and food-grade PP liner, providing you with eye-pleasing rust & wear-resistant exterior and reliable heat insulation effect. It can endure long-time use and effectively prevent the ice cubes from melting too quickly.
  • Smart Control Panel: A practical operation panel with an LCD is integrated into our automatic ice maker. It is pretty convenient for you to start the button-activated cleaning function and adjust the ice thickness by increasing or decreasing the ice-making time. Other useful features are also combined, such as setting the start time in advance, offering alerts to let you know the ice bin is full before stopping itself, reminding you to add water timely when the water inside is used up, etc.
  • Easy to Connect & Use: Our commercial ice cube maker comes with a water filter, turning the tap water into drinkable pure water. It is reliable to filter the impurities and easy to connect with the tools included. This ice machine would work properly in different places wherever the water and power supply are ready. Plus, a drainage pipe and ice scoop are also provided. The former is for discharging the melted ice in time, and the latter is convenient and hygienic for fetching the ice cubes out.
  • Well-Designed for Wide Applications: The forward sliding bin is equipped with a curved cover and viewing window for intuitive & direct observation. The blue light allows you to operate normally even in the dark, and the water channel is detachable for regular cleaning. 4 feet provide stable support for the device. The air vents dissipate heat effectively, minimizing the over-temp damage and prolonging its service life. It is widely applicable to cafeterias, bars, drink shops, restaurants, etc.

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