New 298Lbs Commercial Ice Maker Industrial Ice Machine 135Kg /24H 121Lbs Ice Storage With Shipping

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298lbs Commercial Ice Maker Industrial Ice Machine 135kg /24h 121lbs Ice Storage


Item Specs

  • 【FULL HEAVY-DUTY STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION】- Built-with long-lasting 304 stainless steel, the commercial ice machine has an elegant and hygienic brushed finish. The heavy-duty stainless steel finish dramatically contributes to its durability, sturdiness, and longevity. The double-layer thickened foam layer is adopted, effectively isolating external heat and providing better insulation, which can prevent ice cubes from melting for 5-7 hours.
  • 【ADVANCED INTELLIGENT LCD PANEL WITH REMOTE CONTROL & WIFI】- This industrial ice maker is a new generation of IoT (Internet of Things) ice machine with several patented technology. It comes with an advanced intelligent LCD control panel with a touch screen, which can be remotely controlled with mobile phones via WI-FI. It features multiple functions, including automatic cleaning, ice thickness adjustment, energy-saving mode, password protection, error alert, etc. According to the machine code, the manufacturer can remotely judge what is wrong with the customer's machine, which settings cause great damage to the machine, and provide online guidance to deal with various non-icing/no water/non-working situations.
  • 【BRAND POWERFUL COMPRESSOR FOR RAPID & HIGH-EFFICIENCY ICE MAKING】- The powerful 566-watt SECOP compressor is equipped with the function of reliable cooling, with longer service life than other conventional compressors. With a multi-grid ice tray of 140 PCs (7x20), our ice maker commercial is able to produce 298 lbs (135 kg) ice cubes (0.9"x0.9"x0.9") per 24 hours (each cycle of ice making takes about 10-15 minutes). The 121 lbs (55 kg) large ice storage cabinet offers more possibilities for your business.
  • 【WATER FILTER & DRAINAGE PUMP AVAILABLE FOR FRESH ICE】- The industrial ice-making machine comes with two water filters for turning tap water into drinkable pure water, so that it can be installed easily anywhere inside your house, or restaurants, just make sure always to have a water outlet near your machine. A drainage pump is included for draining the water from the melting ice. (KINDLY NOTE: Before the first use, please clean the ice maker and keep it upright for 24 HOURS.)
  • 【COME WITH WELL-CONSIDERED DETAILS】- This ice maker machine adopts a curved sliding door design that can easily fetch ice cubes without bending down. A hook is fixed on the ice storage cabinet's inner wall, convenient for hanging ice scoops. The large air vents provide efficient heat dissipation, featuring air-cooling design. The adjustable feet can adapt to uneven ground (with an additional set of feet). The feet keep the ice maker 2.95/5.3-5.9 inches off the ground, keeping it away from moisture.

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